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Suppliers and Distributors reported strong growth in 2012 which continued into December.

Multi-Channel Marketing is the Only Kind of Marketing. Or, At Least, It Should Be…


This just heard on a recent phone call with a potential new client: I want to get involved in direct mail. And I want it to bring in two new clients each week.

This is what I wish I heard: I want to bring in two new clients each week.

The goal, after all, is the bottom line. How you get there, well, it takes more than direct mail. Or email marketing. Or radio ads. Or any single-channel strategy you can concoct.

Of course, this is where I come in. To right the wrongs of single-channel marketing. To help implement a multi-channel marketing strategy that is seamlessly aligned with the goals of my client.

Selling this multi-channel marketing strategy, however, can sound a little like ‘cha-ching, cha-ching’ to a new client.

I am not a mechanic. I am not creating marketing problems that require costly repairs. I am simply trying to tell you how to best reach your marketing objectives.

Every industry requires a different mix of marketing channels. But every industry requires a mix. This Marketing Pilgrim article by Frank Reed, ‘All Marketers Should Be Multi-Channel Marketers‘ presents compelling data and statistics on the multiple devices that consumers may be using simultaneously.

But it goes beyond multiple devices…multiple CHANNELS is more than just devices. Multiple channels encompasses social media marketing, referral marketing, branding, advertising, promotions, tradeshows and more. All of these channels funnel down into one end-result: your marketing goals.

If you are convinced that your business needs only one marketing channel, good luck. You may see some results. But the best results will be from a multi-faceted marketing approach that leverages the various marketing channels that your target audience is exposed to.

Of course, multi-channel marketing is null and void if your messaging misses the mark. But that is a blog for another day (and another reason why, hey!, hire me!)

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